Hello, if you have ventured on to this page by accident or just curious and exploring around this web site then no problem. Please carry on and I hope to see you at the ride. Our heart does really go out to the bikers and their families and all we want from you is to enjoy this experience BUT if you are here on purpose or even by accident because you are feeling led in some way to volunteer your time and talents then, welcome. We do not want to force or guilt anyone into offering their time. Number one, that is a horrible misrepresentation of God. He only wants what you are willing to give with an open heart and if that is the way he operates then, that is the way we operate. If it has been laid upon your heart then please contact us. There are many ways to serve on an event such as this. You don’t have to be a biker to participate. So, please go to the contact page and leave us your information. Just let us know you want to help and we will contact you.

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