Redemption Ride represents more then just an annual ride. Yes, the ride itself comes only once a year but, the needs are year round. The church is looked at from the outside population as a bunch of snobby people who look down on those who are not perfect. This is not the case. This ride and more specifically the people in this ride are bikers. We love bikers, bikes and the open road. With us we bring our pain our fears and our short comings. The world judges our failures according  to their severity. So the worse our mistakes are the more we are pushed to the side. Not so with God, he looks at all our sins the same. The people involved in this ride or rather this community, are not here to judge you.  We  do however, have one thing that many don’t and that is JESUS! We are not here to cram God down your throat. Rather, we are here to do what we all love and that is ride.

This site is designed for two purposes. 1. Keep you posted about the Redemption Ride, not just this year but the years to come. 2. Create an online community for bikers. Weather it be where to get your bike worked on and where to find good deals on gear to where to find help for struggles in your life and most importantly if your looking for answers about God. This site will help you find someone that wants to help you navigate through God’s perfect gift. Not someone who will navigate you!

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